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Dr. Akhilender Naidu K
B & N
Mysore 570 020
Ph: + 91- 821-2514876
The Department is engaged in Basic Research in the areas of Glycobiology of Diabetic Nephropathy and Atherosclerosis, Nutraceutical potential of Spices, Nutritional Biochemistry including Bioavailability of Micronutrients, Carotenoids & their Health Benefits, Neuro-ameleorative propensity of Phytochemicals, Food Carbohydrates and their degrading Enzymes, Bioactives from dietary sources,ω-3 Fatty acids & their Health Benefits, Proteins & Enzymes, Food Allergy & Immunology, Cancer & Ulcer Biology and allied areas. The department is also engaged in the development and evaluation of speciality and therapeutic foods including foods for infants, vision and diabetics.

The department has excellent state of the art facility for Biochemical Research backed up with instruments like centrifuges, spectrophotometer (UV/Vis), GLC, HPLC and lyophiliser. Animal house facilitates various Nutritional and Toxicological investigations.